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Chinese Railway Photographs

Some photos of China, courtesy Stewart Hughes

  • Image : dir=asia/china/ page=index 105711 bytes, 862x599 pixels
  • Date : 1988, catalogued 26 Aug 2000
  • Photographer : Stewart Hughes
  • Medium : digital transmission
  • Description : Stewart writes:
    This photo was taken somewhere in Mongolia on a trip in 1988 when I took a train from Hong Kong to London.

  • Image : dir=asia/china/ page=index 103080 bytes, 900x600 pixels
  • Date : Aug 1999, catalogued 03 Sep 2000
  • Photographer : Stewart Hughes
  • Medium : digital image
  • Description : Stewart writes:
    Back to China this time - again somewhere on the Hong Kong to Irkutsk section - you can see the pollution so it's probably not too far from Beijing! I cannot tell you anything about this loco other than how splendid it is! Taken from our moving train.

  • Image : dir=asia/china/ page=index 305100 bytes, 864x595 pixels
  • Date : 1988, catalogued 24 Sep 2000
  • Photographer : Stewart Hughes
  • Medium : digital image, image location HKtoLondon-1
  • Description : Stewart writes:
    More from our Hong Kong to London trip in 1988 - somewhere north of Beijing. Two splendidly clean diesels pulling a splendidly clean line of green coaches. There was a zigzag here somewhere as we climbed off the plain.

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