For food, for friendship, and for the opportunity of service
We thank you, Lord. Amen.


God of goodness, bless our food
Keep us in a pleasant mood
Bless the cook and all who serve us
From indigestion, Lord, preserve us

From an American place mat

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest
And may our meal by you be blessed. Amen.


Lord, bless this food upon these dishes,
As thou didst bless the loaves and fishes,
And like the sugar in the tea
May all of us be stirred by Thee

Crick (Northampton) Jubilee Dinner 1975

Lord, as you shared food with your friends in Galilee,
may this meal make us all grow in friendship.
May God bless this food, and this day,
And keep us safe in every way.

Rev S.J.Riggs

Accept the praise of miserable sinners
As we prepare to eat our dinners.

Bishop Howell Witt

Heavenly Father, bless us,
And keep us all alive
There's ten of us to dinner
And just enough for five. Amen.


This food comes to us by courtesy of Almighty God

A commercial grace

Lord Jesus, be with us in this, as in all things, for your Name's sake. Amen


God bless this bunch
As we munch our lunch. Amen


For the company we keep, and the food
we are about to eat, we thank you, Lord.

Devon Women's Institute Grace

Us and this, God bless.

A Quaker Grace

Some hae meat and canna eat,
and some wad eat that want it,
but we hae meat and we can eat,
and sae the Lord be thankit.

Robert Burns (attrib)

Thank you God! for giving us food!
Thank you God! for giving us friends!
For the food that we eat
And the friends that we meet
Thank you God, for giving us food!

The Superman Grace

Lord, your praise, we all exude;
Now in us your love imbued,
As we come, to eat our food.
So from us our sins exclude,
And we pray, your grace include.

John Hurst (2004)

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