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Music program for 2019 [PDF version]
Music program for 2011 [PDF version] Note that this is maintained for future reference - the definitive 2011 programme is at ChoirPreviouslySung2011.
Music program for 2010 [PDF version] Note that this is maintained for future reference - the definitive 2010 programme is at ChoirPreviouslySung2010.
Music program for 2009 [PDF version]
Music program for 2008 [PDF version]
Music program for 2007 [PDF version]
Music program for 2006 [PDF version]
Music program for 2005 [PDF version]
Music program for 2004 [PDF version]
Music program for 2003 [PDF version]
Music program for 2002 [PDF version]
Music program for 2001 [PDF version]

Music list by title
Music list by Bible text
Music list by composer
Music list by date sung
Music list by date sung, abbreviated

Lectionary (Canadian UC 2009 version) For 2009, lectionary B is in use.
There is also a very useful set of liturgies at Liturgies Online based upon the UCA lectionaries. Particularly useful for choosing hymns!
Vanderbilt Lectionary (on-line readings)
Calculate the date of Easter (and other major feasts)
Ken Collins' really cool church site

There is an interesting discussion on whether choirs should sing in Latin or English here.

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