The Lord's Prayer in the paraphrase of Love

Our source of love, love streams from your name,
love be here on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us our daily love, and forgive us when we do not love,
as we forgive them for whom the flow of love is blocked.
Lead us not into situations where we find it too hard to love,
but place us instead in positions of empowering love.
For love comes from you, love empowers your creation,
and love is the force into which we all shall be glorified.


John Hurst (2014)

The Lord’s Prayer from the Student Christian Movement in India

Our God, the father and the mother,
from, through and to whom all lives flow,
Your name is holy
for you water every creature with life.
May your reign of “waters rolling in justice”
come down and dwell among us
as it is in your presence.

Give us waters sufficient for our living,
and help us to share waters and our resources
with those that are dying in thirst.
Forgive us of our insincerity, insensitivity, irresponsibility
in saving and preserving waters,
and teach us to forgive one another,
and to seek forgiveness for abusing the creation.

Lead us not into the temptation of accumulation,
greed and dominating the waters,
and deliver us from avaricious lifestyles.
For your word is like waters cleansing us from evil;
for your reign is righteousness,
flowing like an ever flowing stream,
dismantling the powers and principalities,
from generation to generation, from history to history,
forever and ever. Amen.

(Thanks to Ross Mackinnon for this copy.)

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