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  1. Install MoinMoin version 2 on albens, and setup as Hurst-Stevens family archive, and also church wiki.
    1. completed download and successfully run localhost version
    2. installed mod_wsgi
    3. need to check what Flask needs to go into production mode
    4. familiarize myself with the new look and feel
  2. Setup cron job to do Church wiki regularly.
  3. Setup regular mailing list updates and wiki displays.
  4. does not handle visit counts
  5. needs a "softer" model number input
  6. to handle camera.xml update, NOT
  7. install mysql on spencer


I have a range of computers. Keeping track of them (and maintaining them!) can be a headache. So I've compiled a list of machines in use. There are also a number of web servers (such as the one you are reading right now on The general principle used to name them is

  1. railway junctions in Victoria (on-site and laptops)
  2. eucalyptus trees (off-site)
  3. disused railway stations in Paris (micro-computers)
Here is a list of the computers/servers, their URLs, DNS sites, use and model. Note that all IP addresses of the form 10.0.0.x are only accessible on the local network.

Server Name Use Model System URL DNS
albens Off-site server virtual linux box leased from Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 14.04 IP:
dimboola Mac OSX desktop system Apple iMac 27" OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan) IP: -
echuca Ubuntu desktop system Apple iMac 21" Ubuntu 16.04 IP: -
gwuc-wiki replacement for eregnans virtual linux box leased from Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 16.04 IP:
hamilton current laptop Apple MacBook Pro (Retina 13") OSX 10.10.5 IP: (hamilton) (hamilton-air)
spencer Main home server Silverstone RM720 with ASUS Z170-AR motherboard Ubuntu 16.04 IP: -
(previously named wolseley)
Network control
(runs Sophos UTM9)
HP Compaq Ubuntu 13.10 IP:
Machines below are currently not in use. Some may be resurrected at a future date.
auteuil chook house controller
(not in use during renovations)
Beagle Bone Black Ubuntu ? IP: -
bittern laptop
(available, not in regular use)
Apple MacBook Pro 15" OSX 10.6.8 IP: -
fat-controller train computer
(not in use during renovations)
Pentium Ubuntu ? IP: -
flinders old house server
Dell R90 Ubuntu 14 -
lilydale spare laptop
(has broken BIOS)
ACER Aspire S7 11" Ubuntu 14.04 IP: -
Virtual server maintained by Digital Oceans. Used for off-site serving, mail and various maintenance tasks.
old laptop (infrequent use)
My home desktop iMac (Mac OSX 10.11.6) Desktop machine of preference.
My home desktop iMac (Mac OSX 10.6.8) Used for archival purposes.
DigitalOcean virtual Linux box (Ubuntu), maintained to supply wiki services to the Glen Waverley Uniting Church. My own use for this machine is residual - all regular data storage and web-serving is now done by albens.
An old Intel box running an old version of Ubuntu. Used to control the model railway, but out of use until the railway is restored.
new laptop. Much lighter than bittern, and used in preference to it. Has Ubuntu running as a virtual machine under Mac OSX.
Interesting history. Bought explicitly to run Linux, and to be used as my regular laptop. But I found the trackpad and keyclick very frustrating to use, and it saw service as the house computer for a year or so. Died when I tried to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.0 to 16.04.
sophos (previously wolseley)
Previously used as a house server. An HP Compaq machine, purchased second-hand from Monash University. Now has a new lease of life as a network controller, running Sophos UTM9 with 2 network cards, one running bridge mode to our Telstra cable modem, the other to our local network. When running on the Telstra network, it had IP address, but with our recent move back to Internode, that has changed to Stop Press: there are issues with running bridge mode on the Huawei router (which is connected to the NBN modem). Currently investigating.
disk farm and house server. A 56TB (6TBx4 + 8TBx4 drives) butter fs system is used in a RAID1 configuration to store all household data and backups for other machines. It also houses a number of other smaller disks for use in day-to-day use (e.g., TV and Photographs)

A very nice Christmas present from my son was a Brother MFC L8600CDW colour laser printer, which is networked across the house, and provides the main printing facilty (although there are other inkjet and laser printers around).

Obsolete Systems

This list is maintained for archival purposes

Perhaps the longest lived system of them all. Ran from the mid 90s until 2010, serving the house computer system and all that that entailed. Used as the original development system for the house computer, and sadly missed when it died. It had nice features like plenty of I/O ports and parallel interfaces, all good for home DIY use.
The original church wiki system. This virtual server service provided by Rackspace was decomissioned in Jan 2017, due to a non-recoverable error in its BIOS which could not be repaired. This came about due to the age of the system, and the fact that it had insufficient memory for more modern versions of the operating system.
Decommissioned. A Dell R90 system, noisy as all get-out, and died recently with a memory fault that is fixable, but we cannot be bothered. Now being cannabalised for spare cards.
A MacBook Pro system, inherited from my father. Ran as the house server for a few years, until it died with an exploded battery!

Hints and Fixes

For Unix (Ubuntu 16.04)

For Mac OSX (10.6.8)

How The Web Pages were One

These web pages have gone through a number of interations. This Web Page documents the story.


We are currently renting a house while our primary residence is being extensively renovated. While renovations were in progress, along came NBN (wouldn't you know it?) This causes some inconvenience, as we had to change our ADSL line across to NBN, without immediately being able to access and test it. The old connection used a 2.9Mbps download/0.74Mbps upload internet connection (Internode ADSL2+), via a Billion 7800N modem, which all worked fine throughout its lifetime, and I was loath to change it.

However, Optus had other ideas. We had a land-line telephone supplied through Optus, and had paid for the connection during the renovation (although unable to use it), because we wanted to keep the number. With the advent of NBN, Mr. Optus told us that the phone would be disconnected only a few months after the NBN was available, and in any case, well before the renovations were to be finished. So we had to do something. I switched both the phone and the internet to NBN (with ISP Internode), and told Optus to go jump. I since see that they are being prosecuted by ACCC for fraudently telling customers they would be disconnected by the statutory period had expired! My three separate experiences with Optus have all been bad. I don't know why they survive. Perhaps because Telstra is so bad?

I took advantage of the fact that our rented house is only 2 doors up the street from the renovations. With the permission of the intermediate neighbour, I ran a cat5 cable along his back fence, connecting number 5 with number 7, and we now run our internet connection via this. It plugs directly into the NBN modem at 5, and into the supplied modem at 7. We are trying to bypass the modem at this stage, and interface directly to a Sophos system, but this has encountered a number of problems, so we stick with the modem for now.

I mentioned Telstra. We paid for a premium cable connection ($140/month) into our rented house, and found it worked well enough. It runs at 113 Mbs download, but only 2 Mbs upload. Contrast this with the Internode NBN connection which supplies 93 Mbs download and 29 Mbs upload, a 6 Mbs improvement for $40 less! ($100/month)

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