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Keeping track of disk drives is almost as much as a headache as keeping track of systems. So here is a tally of disks, currently not up-to-date, but which will be added to as more info comes to hand.

Name Size format Mount Point Manufacturer Serial Number UUID Usage Notes
81? 80GiB ? Maxtor unplugged
321? 320GiB ? Seagate this one can go!
501 500GiB ? Western Digital WCAS84337265 replace soon with larger capacity
2001 2TiB ext4 /dev/sdg@spencer Seagate wiki/CassetteTapes
3001 3TiB ext4 /dev/sde@spencer Pictures still has 1.4TB unused
4001 4Tib btrfs? Western Digital
4002 4Tib ext4/mfs /dev/sda@newport Western Digital 30c9b924-cf4b-4043-9cfa-5eac28eb1843 /lizard on newport
4003 4Tib ext4/mfs /dev/sdb@newport Western Digital 1e684134-1cf7-474b-ad2d-4ad699248ca5 /lizard on newport
4004 4Tib ext4/mfs /dev/sdc@newport Western Digital 5a033727-7016-4a77-936a-aed60a0200a6 /lizard on newport
6001 6Tib btrfs /dev/sdi@spencer WD WX81D65502ZP
6002 6TiB btrfs /dev/sdj@spencer WD WX81D65503JB
6003 6TiB btrfs /dev/sdm@spencer Seagate Z403GYM0
6004 6TiB btrfs /dev/sdn@spencer Seagate Z403H608
6005? 6TiB ext4/mfs Toshiba /lizard on spencer
6006? 6TiB ext4/mfs Toshiba /lizard on spencer
8001 8TiB btrfs /dev/sdk@spencer Western Digital
8002 8TiB btrfs /dev/sdl@spencer Western Digital
8003? 8TiB btrfs /dev/sdo@spencer Western Digital a95a0acd-1704-4cc0-84cc-2eb8410b5b78 to transfer to lizard marked for removal
8004? 8TiB btrfs /dev/sdp@spencer Western Digital
Seattle2 8TiB HFS /dev/sdj2@newport Seagate Mac OSX backup, Pictures, Movies newport

New Lizard Structure

4001 s:c1
4002 ext4
4003 ext4
4004 ext4
6001 s:a4
6002 s:a3
6003 s:b4
6004 s:b3
6005 ext4
6006 ext4
8001 s:a1
8002 s:b1
8003 s:b2
8004 s:b3

Some useful configuration information about setting up LizardFS can be found at

Disk Farm

1 2 3 4
e unused unused unused unused
d nameless 80GiB 501 6005? 6TiB 6006? 6TiB
c 4001? 4TiB 2001 nameless 320GiB 3001
b 8002 8003? 8TiB 6004 6003
a 8001 8004? 8TiB 6002 6001

Disks by Mount Point (spencer)

/dev/nvme0n1 256GB Samsung S2GLNCAGA00614J
/dev/sda 500GB Western Digital
/dev/sdb 6TB Toshiba
/dev/sdc 6TB Toshiba

Obsolete Disks

Name Size Format Manufacturer Type Notes
Challenger 750GB HFS Maxtor external unknown appears to have a MacOSX system on it
Mouse 160GB HFS Western Digital 3.5" external unknown appears to have a MacOSX system on it
A3 1TB HFS Seagate 3.5" external unknown Mac OSX backup drive
A4 1TB HFS Seagate 3.5" external unknown appears to have a MacOSX system on it
504 500GB HFS Samsung 3.5" external unknown backup disk
QuatreRoues 2TB ext4 Western Digital external unknown backup disk
Pclass 4TB HFS Western Digital external unknown backup disk
Northern 500GB HFS Maxtor external hfs backup disk
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