Installation of ASUS C100C 10Gb Ethernet card

(This material was copied verbatim from a comment by Madumi, 27 Sep 2017 in www.amazon.com, reproduced here for easy reference.)

Windows 10 installation was seamless.

Linux (Ubuntu server 16.04) was a pain. Only method ended up being through "insmod atlantic.ko" see below for details.

Performance so far (connected PC-to-PC without a switch), has been flawless. I am connecting over 150 feet of cable & can transfer four hard drives at full speed without any discernible bottlenecks. highly recommend the card!

Ubuntu server 16.04 installation

  1. clean install of Ubuntu 16.04.
  2. install the build-essential package from apt
  3. download the Asus driver for the XG-C100C to /home/USER , unzip the file to reveal the Atlantic1.5.348.0.tar.bz2 archive, and then unpack it: tar -xvjf /home/USER/Atlantic1.5.348.0.tar.bz2
  4. Navigate to the new /home/USER/Atlantic directory and run: make , which should then generate an "atlantic.ko" file.
  5. Once you have that file in place (check!), edit the network interfaces file: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces , and set the static IP for your card (in this case, it occupied the enp1s0 slot, you'll need to check which slot it sits in) something like the following:
                auto enp1s0 
                iface enp1s0 inet static 
  6. to do a temporary installation, run: sudo insmod /home/USER/Atlantic/atlantic.ko (this will only last till a reboot). This should bring the card to life & you can test.
  7. To finalize your installation (so the driver will persist after a reboot), run: sudo nano /etc/rc.local , and edit your rc.local file to include insmod /home/USER/Atlantic/atlantic.ko , below the #!/bin/sh -e at the top of the file, and above the exit 0 at the bottom something like the following:
                #!/bin/sh -e #etc
                insmod /home/USER/Atlantic/atlantic.ko
                exit 0

NB: In my setup, the computer this linux server connected to had a static IP set to and it was connected directly pc-to-pc with an ordinary cat6 cable.

NB: For the above installation, if you use your home/USER directory for other items, you might want to place the Atlantic driver in a different directory than this one...

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