image/svg+xml Point Gp01 Left Point Gp01 Right Point Gp02 Left Point Gp02 Right Point Gp03 Left Point Gp03 Right Point Gp04 Left Point Gp04 Right Point Gp05 Left Point Gp05 Right Point Mp01 Right Point Mp01 Left Point Mp02 Left Point Mp02 Right Point Mp03 Left Point Mp03 Right Point Mp04 Left Point Mp04R Point Mp05 Left Point Mp05 Right Point Mp06 Left Point Mp06 Right Gh Mt10 Pt05 Point Pp01 Left Point Pp01 Right Point Pp02 Left Point Pp02 Right Point Pp03 Left Point Pp03 Right Point Pp04 Left Point Pp04 Right Point Pp65 Left Point Pp56 Right Point Pp56 Centre Point Pp07 Left Point Pp07 Right Point Pp08 Left Point Pp08 Right Point Pp09 Left Point Pp09 Right Point Pp10 Left Point Pp10 Right Point Pp11 Left Point Pp11 Right Pt03 Pt04 Pt06 Pt09 Point Cp01 Right Point Cp01 Left Point Cp02 Left Point Cp02 Right Point Cp03 Right Point Cp03 Left Point Cp04 Left Point Cp04 Right Point Cp05 Right Mt10 Ct08 Pt03 Point Sp01 Right Point Sp01 Left Point Sp02 Right Point Sp02 Left Point Sp03 Right Point Sp03 Left Point Sp04 Left Point Sp04 Right Point Sp05 Left Point Sp05 Right Point Sp06 Right Point Sp06 Left Point Sp07 Left Point Sp07 Right Point Sp08 Left Point Sp08 Right Point Sp09 Left Point Sp09 Right Point Sp10 Left Point Sp10 Right Point Sp11 Left Point Sp11 Right Point Sp12 Left Point Sp12 Right Point Sp13 Right Point Sp13 Left Point Sp14 Right Point Sp14 Left Point Sp15 Right Point Sp15 Left Mp01 Mp02 Mp03 Mp04 Cp01 Cp03 Cp02 Cp04 Gp01 Gp02 Gp03 Gp04 Pp04 Mp05 Mp06 Cp05 Gp05 Ms01 Pp03 Pp56 Pp01 Pp07 Pp10 Pp02 Pp09 Pp08 Pp11 Sp14 Sp08 Sp15 Sp12 Sp13 Sp10 Sp11 Sp06 Sp09 Sp07 Sp04 Sp05 Sp03 Sp02 Sp01 Signal 01 Label Signal 01 Standard Signal Cs01 Aspect Signal Cs03 Aspect Signal Cs04 Aspect Signal Cs05 Aspect Signal Cs06 Aspect Signal Cs07 Aspect Signal Cs08 Aspect Signal Cs09 Aspect Signal Gs01 Aspect Signal Gs02 Aspect Signal Gs03 Aspect Signal Gs04 Aspect Signal Gs05 Aspect Signal Gs06 Aspect Signal Ps05 Aspect Signal 02 Label Signal 02 Standard Signal 03 Label Signal 03 Standard Signal 04 Standard Signal 05 Label Signal 05 Standard Signal Ms01 Aspect Signal Ms02 Aspect Signal Cs01 Aspect Gs01 Gs02 Gs03 Gs04 Gs05 Cs02 Cs01 Cs03 Cs04 Cs05 Cs06 Cs07 Cs08 Cs09 Ms02 Signal Ms03 Aspect Ms03 Signal Ms04 Aspect Ms04 Signal 05 Standard Gs06 Signal Ps01 Aspect Ps01 Signal Ps02 Aspect Ps02 Signal Ps03 Aspect Ps03 Signal Ps04 Aspect Ps04 Ps05 Signal Ps07 Aspect Signal Ps06 Aspect Ps06 Ps07 Signal Ps09 Aspect Signal Ps08 Aspect Ps08 Ps09 Ss01 Ss02 Ss03 Ss04 Ss05 Ss06 Ss07 Ss08 Ss09 Ss10 Signal Ss01 Aspect Signal Ss02 Aspect Signal Ss03 Aspect Signal Ss04 Aspect Signal Ss05 Aspect Signal Ss06 Aspect Signal Ss07 Aspect Signal Ss08 Aspect Signal Ss09 Aspect Signal Ss10 Aspect Signal Ps10 Aspect Ps10 Reset all Signals to RED Reset Ph Mt01 Me Mt02 Cp01L Cp01R Cp02L Cp02R Cp03L Cp03R Cp04R Cp05L Cp05R Gp01L Gp01R Gp02L Gp02R Gp03R Gp03L Gp04L Gp04R Gp05L Gp05R Mp01L Mp01R Mp03R Mp03L Mp02L Mp02R Mp04L Mp04R Mp05L Mp05R Mp06L Mp06R Pp01L Pp01R Pp02L Pp02R Pp03L Pp03R Pp04L Pp04R Pp56L Pp56C Pp56R Pp07L Pp07R Pp08L Pp08R Pp09R Pp09L Pp10L Pp10R Pp11L Pp11R Sp01L Sp01R Sp02L Sp02R Sp03L Sp03R Sp04L Sp04R Sp05L Sp05R Sp06L Sp06R Sp07L Sp07R Sp08L Sp08R Sp09L Sp09R Sp10L Sp10R Sp11L Sp11R Sp12L Sp12R Sp13L Sp13R Sp14L Sp14R Sp15L Sp15R Mt03 Mt04 Mt09 St01 St02 St03 St04 Gt01 St05 St06 St07 St08 St09 St10 Pt01 Mt05 St11 Ct03 Ct01 Ct02 Ct04 Ct05 Ct06 Mt08 Cp04L Gt02 Pt02 Ct07 Gt03 Gt04 Mt07 Mt06 Pt07 Pt08 version 20150826 (2.4.2) PINOT MERLOT GRENACHE SHIRAZ CABERNET Help Page, Documentation

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If you find any interlocking fault, please report to the author.

Route Settings

Outer ... Inner ...
Inner and Pinot ...
Upper ... Reset

Signal Settings

Outer Clockwise
Outer Anticlockwise
Inner Clockwise
Inner Anticlockwise
Upper Clockwise
Upper Anticlockwise

Track Occupancy

There are no cleared blocks to occupy

Track Clearing

There are no occupied blocks to clear