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X Class Mikado 2-8-2

The X class were built between 1929 to 1947, and were a development of the earlier C class. 29 units were built, and were designed to be converted to standard gauge, an idea that was a popular political football of the time. They eliminated double heading of goods trains, although they were demanding engines to drive.

As they were built as main-line goods locos, the arrival of diesels meant the death knell for them, and all were scrapped by 1961, save for X36 seen here preserved at Williamstown Railway Museum.

  • Image : dir=vic/Xclass/ page=index 121507 bytes, pixels
  • Date : Oct 1979, catalogued 24 Feb 1998
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Ektachrome, slide number 8007
  • Description : X36 at the Williamston Railway Museum.

  • Image : dir=vic/Xclass/ page=index 67611 bytes, 800x580 pixels
  • Date : unknown, catalogued 30 May 2004
  • Photographer : unknown
  • Medium : photographic print, courtesy of Rod Simpson
  • Description : A Victorian Railways portrait of X28

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