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The Bellarine Peninsula Railway

The Bellarine Peninsula Railway is based upon a dismantled branch line from Geelong to Queenscliff. The old line used 5'3" gauge, but the tourist line, which runs between Queenscliff (home base) and Drysdale, uses the 3'6" gauge.

Early Days

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  • Date : 23 Apr 1973
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Ektachrome, slide number 2466
  • Description : The "A.T.Middleton", aka Vulcan No.4 from APC, shuttles passengers from the 1973 Melbourne Steam Festival over a short length of track at the Belmont Common Railway. Thanks to John Dennis for the information about the origins of this loco.

Current Status

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  • Date : 16 Nov 2001, catalogued 07 Jan 2002
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : digital camera (Kodak DC290), image location P0013682
  • Description : Built in 1956 by Beyer-Peacock, this class was the last mainline steam locomotive in Australia. V1209 was purchased in 1981 by the Bellarine Peninsula Railway, and restored to service in March 1991, with the assistance of Alcoa of Australia, Ltd.

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