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Australian Portland Cement Co.

Vulcan No.4

  • Image : dir=private/ page=APC 116123 bytes, pixels
  • Date : 23 Apr 1973
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Ektachrome, slide number 2466
  • Description : The "A.T.Middleton", aka Vulcan No.4 from APC, shuttles passengers from the 1973 Melbourne Steam Festival over a short length of track at the Belmont Common Railway. Thanks to John Dennis for the information about the origins of this loco.

  • Image : dir=private/ page=APC 75383 bytes, 800x600 pixels
  • Date : 28 May 2007, catalogued 24 Jul 2007
  • Photographer : Lloyd Allison
  • Medium : email, image location /home/ajh/Desktop/2007-05-saddle.jpg
  • Description : The "A.T.Middleton" at Queenscliffe, still going strong 34 years after GSPS4-1

Gavin Hamilton, of Linslade, Bedfordshire, UK writes:

I think the picture you have labelled as G42-2.jpg is not G42, as it has inside frames I have identified it as BP 6794/1936 or BP 6935/1939 from the Australian Portland Cement Co.'s Fyansford, Victoria works (unfortunately I don't know which one is preserved).

So the image has been moved:

  • Image : dir=private/ page=APC 114627 bytes, 900x600 pixels
  • Date : 24 Apr 1973
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Agfacolor, slide number 2482
  • Description : One of the Australian Portland Cement Company's garratts sits under cover at the Puffing Billy Menzies Creek Museum.

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