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Obsolete Railway Links

These are links to other railway sites that were listed on my links page, but no longer seem to be available. If your site is here, and you still maintain it, drop me a note and I will update the link and re-instate it to the links page.

Australian Steam Pages

Ed Slee has used a number of my photos in his Australian Steam Pages.

Bruce Linn

Bruce Linn was CEO of Camtech in Adelaide, and we have a common friend in Chris Barter, who told Bruce of my railway interests. Bruce has established his own railway page, and would love a visit from you! (19990615:102820,20010701:174004)

As of 20110512:070831 I was unable to access Bruce's railway pages. He does have a web page, but I found no trace of railways there


CaneSIG, the sugar cane railway modelling SIG site, by Amy & Lynn Zelmer.

Iron Horses Victoria

John Angelico dropped an email, picked it up, and sent it to me saying that his son Michael maintains a site called Iron Horses Victoria , and that he'd swap links with me. This is that!

Preserved Steam Down Under

Ed Slee is working on cataloging all preserved steam locos in Australia, and has used several of my photos in his web site.

RailCo Steam Journeys

RailCo is a preservation group setup to restore and maintain the Ravenshoe to Tumoulin and Atherton to Herberton sections of the Atherton Tablelands line. They operate trips over the Ravenshoe section with two trips each weekend and also on public holidays.

UK Preserved Loco Database

I have found the UK Preserved Loco catalogue useful for checking on preserved UK locomotives.

Deborah Ward

A correspondent, Deborah Ward, drew my attention to this interesting page on the History of the (US) Transcontinental Rail(way). You may also find it interesting.

Workshops Rail Museum

Katrina Stark, the Marketing Officer for the workshops rail museum in Ipswich wrote saying:

The Workshops Rail Museum is a campus of the Queensland Museum located in Ipswich in South East Queensland. The Museum celebrates the story of rail in Queensland and attracts thousands of visitors a year including schools, families and intrastate, interstate and international tourists, many of whom access the Museum's website prior to visiting.

We are creating a new webpage on The Workshops Rail Museum's website called "Rail Links" which will list Queensland, Australian and International tourist railways, railway museums and railway associations (please visit to see this page).

We would like to seek your permission to list your organisation and include a direct link to your website.

Katrina, it is done!

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