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Z20 Class 2-6-4T (pre 1924 E10 class)

There were a total of 33 members of this class of 2-6-4T mixed traffic side tank locomotives. There were three differing types.

Twelve were classified E(10) class under the pre-1924 recording. These locomotives were built by Beyer, Peacock & Company and delivered in 1891 for use on Newcastle coal traffic. They proved very successful in suburban goods and coal traffic, picnic trains to Toronto, but were unsuited to main line passenger traffic. When displaced by more powerful locomotives, many were used as shunters. Their final services were on short light branch lines, such as Kurrajong, Carlingford, Camden, Rogans Hill and Morpeth. A number were also to be found shunting the industrial sidings at Port Kembla. ( from Wikipedia )


  • Image : dir=nsw/20class/ page=index 75541 bytes, 800x580 pixels
  • Date : 1965, catalogued 26 Aug 2021
  • Photographer : Graeme Skeet
  • Medium : email digital image, image location 2029
  • Description : Survivor 2029 in regular service 1965 sits at Campbelltown waiting for her turn.

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