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Railway Links

These are links to other railway sites who have used my photos, or refer to them in one way or another. If you want to swap links, please just drop me an email with your link, and what it is that you have linked to, and I'll add it to this page.

From time to time I check these links, and remove them to the obsolete links page if the site is not accessible. Drop me a line if your site moves, and I'll keep the list up-to-date. Links with a date-time stamp indicate when the page was last checked.

I am currently restructuring these pages to be continent-based, which might help you in searching for what you want. Within continents, things are arranged alphabetically.


World Railways

David Fraser (a cartographer friend) sent me this link to a map of the railways around the world.

Extreme Steam

My thanks to Neil Leister for pointing out this interesting page on all sorts of unusual steam locomotives. Although I do have to say, having worked on garratt 6029 in Canberra to the point of restoring it to running condition, I don't see garratts as all that unusual!


Nothing as yet

America - North


(20161205) Exporail (what used to be called the Canadian Railway Museum)

Transcontinental Railroad

A correspondent, Ryan Carrigan, has posted some interesting comments on the effect that railways had on the development of North America, particularly the USA. Check out

British Railway Modellers of North America (BRMNA)

(20161204) Dave Venables of the British Railway Modellers of North America (BRMNA) (20131130:132848) , which has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, sent me some mail saying that he has a link to my image site.

America - South

Revista Ferroviaria

(20161228) The Brazilian connection. Huge collection of links. If you speak Portuguese. But it is nice to have a link to something South American at last!


Nothing as yet

Chinese Steam

One of my correspondents, Frank Mitchell, sent me a link to a Chinese Steam photo gallery . This has some nice photos of steam in snow!


Australian Steam

(20161228) A very comprehensive listing of all preserved (static and operational) steam locomotives in Australia, organized by state.

Australian Railway Historical Society (ACT Divn)

(20131130) I lived in Canberra for 13 years (1974-1987), and was active in the ACT Division of the Australian Railway Historical Society. On their web site, they have a photo or two of mine.

(20131130) A dedicated group of volunteers at Canberra is working to restore one of their exhibits, Garratt 4-8-4 + 4-8-4 6029, to steam - you can read about their efforts at their 6029 Blog Page

Richard Felstead

(20161228) Richard has some historic photos that you must see. (Note: site moved Mar 2008)

Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc.

(20161204) The Glenreagh Mountain Railway have used some of my photos of NSWGR 1919

Kev's Workshop

(20161228) Kevin has a rather eclectic website concerned mainly with modelling. Visit his page to see what I mean!


(2011228) Gary Yates has an interesting story-telling website, complete with photos and sound!


(20161204) Years ago, I corresponded with some folks at Steam Ranger, who arranged for reciprocal links between this site and theirs. I think they have dropped their links to my pages, but I still maintain one to their pages.


(20161205) Trainworks used to be known as the NSW Rail Transport Museum, aka RTM.

(20161204) Matthew Geier's RTM page This page is rather out of date, and I am not sure if it is still maintained.


Now come on, you didn't really expect anything in here, did you? Well, I suppose the Railway at the End of the World might almost qualify, but it is really in South America, q.v.



Alan Newble

Alan Newble has some excellent photos of preserved British steam (inter alia) at his various sites:

for other sites - follow links.

Bryan Attewell

Bryan Attewell from the UK has written a Steam Locomotive Simulator (20131130:133441) which is available for downloading. For Australian fans, he also has a simulation using a 36 class from Sydney to Bundanoon.

Italian Railways

(20161228) I received a delightful email from Silvio Cinquini, the President of the Ferrovie Turistiche Italiane, passing on some information about Italian Tourist Railways. Visit their web page to see what they have on offer.

Ben Fisher

Ben maintains a couple of parts of the Ffestiniog Railway.

Peter Howarth

Peter is a keen railway photographer, and has his own web page at, which now concentrates on Chinese railways.

Terry Menzies' Railway Page

Terry is a keen 38 class afficionado, and tells me that he is building a 5" gauge model of 3820, using some of my photos as a guide. He has a web page all about 3820. Glad to help out, Terry!

Pichi Richi Railway

Chris Carpenter maintains the Pichi Richi Railway site.

Pilbara Railways Historical Society

Courtesy of David Flint, Secretary, Pilbara Railways Historical Society Inc. (20070804:173236)

John E Richards

John Richards builds Australian Model Steam Locomotives, and is using my pages for detail development. He also has another page at

Richard Salmon

Richard Salmon maintains the Bluebell Railway web site, which now has a link to my pages. The Bluebell may also be visited via an alias at (19990616:170749)

Paul Sharpe

Paul Sharpe has web page of various UK scenes at

Greg Stevens

Greg Stevens has web page with a strong Southern Railways flavour at

John Swan

John Swan has an enticing description of a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway. See also my New Zealand Pages.

Klaus-Dieter Troeger

Klaus-Dieter Troeger sent me a nice note in German (which I struggled to read!) to say that he'd like to swap links with me. Here's what he actually said:

Hallo Eisenbahnfreunde! Gefallt mir gut die Homepage! Soll ich von meinen Seiten einen Link setzen? Ja, dann nenne mir bitte: Die URL der Website : ( Den Namen der Website : (John Hurst's Railway Photograph Catalogue) Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei: T3-Club Ostheide - OHE Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG - Uber einen Link und einen Eintrag in die Gastebucher wurde ich mich freuen! Freundliche Gruesse aus der Lueneburger Heide sendet Klaus-Dieter Troeger

Klaus, consider it done! (19991201:130513)

Kimball Thurlow

Kim has written to me identifying his page on Queensland steam - photos taken in the 50's and 60's. He adds: "One of my images has been used by the Rail Workshops Museum in the Great Railway Journeys of Australia exhibition, opened yesterday. It is the image of the Sydney Brisbane Express at Wallangarra. This may be a useful and enduring link." (The link works, but I could not find Kim's photo there.)

Margarita Hakobyan

Margarita Hakobyan has written a short history of American Railways which is available at her train history page (20131130:133855).


The Open Railway Map shows railway lines old, present and future, throughout the world.

Model Trains

This interesting page was sent to me by Jessica King of the Laramie Public Library. Full of useful stuff!

Toad's Pilbara Railway Pages

Richard 'Toad' Montgomery has some cool photos of Pilbara operations at Toad's Pilbara Railway Pages

See also the Pilbara Railways Historical Society.


Yuri Sos wrote to me regarding some copyright infringements, and I visited his page. I was so impressed with what I saw that I've added this link in here. Note that the main part of Yuri's pages is no longer available, but his train similator site still is (and to which this link refers).

Frans Baert

Frans maintains the European Railway Server, a pretty comprehensive collection of pages.

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