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Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

I have a particular affinity for the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, as my wife's maiden name is Keightley, and there must be a connection somewhere !

  • Image : dir=br/kwvr/ page=index 87388 bytes, pixels
  • Date : 22 Mar 1980, catalogued 28 Mar 1998
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Kodachrome 64, slide number 8826
  • Description : Keighley and Worth Valley Railway's no.72 at Keighley. This is one of many "USA Tanks" built during the Second World War, and which saw service on the Southern Railway and then the BR (as BR no.30072) before being rescued for preservation.

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  • Date : 22 Mar 1980, catalogued 29 Mar 1998
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Kodachrome 64, slide number 8840
  • Description : No.72 and an S160 class 2-8-0 (Works No.8758) round the curve to the north of Oxenhope. The latter loco was built for US Army Transportation Corps during the war and was latterly in service with the Polish railways.

  • Image : dir=br/kwvr/ page=index 115915 bytes, pixels
  • Date : 22 Mar 1980, catalogued 29 Mar 1998
  • Photographer : John Hurst
  • Medium : Kodachrome 64, slide number 8841
  • Description : No.72 and the S160 class 2-8-0 about to enter the tunnel to the north of Oxenhope.

  • Image : dir=br/kwvr/ page=index 289522 bytes, 887x514 pixels
  • Date : Aug 1999, catalogued 03 Sep 2000
  • Photographer : Stewart Hughes
  • Medium : digital image
  • Description : Stewart writes:
    "This is the shed at Haworth on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in Yorkshire. The station is just behind the shed. I will struggle to identify all the loco's but here goes: BR Standard Class 2-6-4T 80002 is in the shed (that was easy), fifth from the left is an LMS Stanier class Black 5, next to it on the right may well be 41241 that you have a number of photos of, in the middle are two 0-6-0 diesel shunters (some examples of which made their way to Australia - the Goldfields Railway have one,) the remaining diesels will remain anonymous unless someone can enlighten us...."
    Then James Ross wrote to say:
    Re: diesels in 'Haworth 1': Locos left to right are BR Bo-Bo class 25 diesel (in blue), a 400 hp BR class 08 shunter D3336 of 1957 with stripey front, a 500 hp BR shunter of 1956 with a black cab ('switcher' for you I think), a green 0-6-0 BR 204 hp DM shunter of 1961 behind, a green BR class 108 railcar in the shed with destination board, LMS 2-8-0 class 8F no 48431, BR Standard class 2 2-6-0 no. 78022, a German-built 4-wheel railbus of 1958 (either 79962 or 79964) behind, and another unidentified shunter on the extreme right.
    Thanks, James! (But we do call them shunters as well.) Prompted by that, Dave Harrison wrote to say:
    Re: The last picture in that section of Haworth yard, the diesel on the far right is D0226 (some say D226) "Vulcan" an English Electric prototype. Two locomotives were built; one diesel hydraulic (scrapped) and one diesel electric (in the photo). The last I heard about Vulcan was it was being repaired but back in service soon (re-painted into English Electric Blue livery which should look rather nice).
    Subsequently, Trevor Reeve (a driver from KWVR, so he should know) said:
    I was having a bit of a surf when I came across your site and in particular your photo of Haworth yard from 1999. As a Worth Valley driver I felt constrained to have my four penn'oth, but the only thing I would say to disagree with your correspondent James Ross is that the loco on the left is not our own class 25 but Someone Else's class 31. The presence of an extra 'Billy Bunter', other than 3336, in the yard as well as the class 31 leads me to suspect that the picture was taken around the time of the Diesel Weekend of that year. The class 2 loco on the right is definitely 78022 as the Ivatt tank was still in bits at that time and anyway you can see the tender cab. Since the picture, D0226 has indeed been overhauled and painted in the blue livery mentioned.
    And Andrew Simkins wants to join in as well:
    I, like Driver Reeve, was just having a surf when I came across his name and a link to your site. I, unlike Trevor, am a Fireman on the Worth Valley, and have spent a few happy hours firing for Trevor over the years. You may care to know that his jokes are rather like the curate's egg, good in parts!
    I have a little more information on the photograph if you are interested. Firstly the Stanier engine is actually our own 8F 48431. It has the 4F tender behind from our own 4F. 43924. The striped Billy Bunter came up to Worth rail for as Trevor said, a diesel gala day and was during its visit re-painted by John Dickinson. It ran an evening beer train double headed with our own 350 shunter.
    D0226 has now been re-painted in Deltic blue, and looks very smart but is difficult to keep clean.
    If this correspondence keeps up, I think I might just have to start a newsgroup for Haworth-1!

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