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The Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme tramway was opened in 1902, and is actually two tramways, both built on the funicular principle. In the image of 6-1, you can see trolley poles, but these are not used for traction, but to maintain contact between the driver and winding-gear operator as the tram is ascending and descending. The telegraph system was replaced by an induction loop system in 2001, but the trolley poles are kept for historical purposes.

  • Image : dir=br/greatorme/ page=index 69186 bytes, 776x600 pixels
  • Date : ?, catalogued 20 Jan 2011
  • Photographer : Selby Markham
  • Medium : digital camera (Canon EOS350D), image location great orme
  • Description : Car number 6 at the summit of the Great Orme Tramway, date unknown, but clearly before 2001 when the trolley wire telegraph system was replaced with an induction loop.

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