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Learning can be defined as the relatively permanent change in an individual's behavior or behavior potential (or capability) as a result of experience or practice. Teaching can be thought of as the purposeful direction and management of the learning process.

I have a page of Some Quotable Teaching Quotes. Makes for some interesting reading, and sets the scene for some of the initiatives I am trying to pursue in the teaching arena.


Educational Technology

This topic is better covered under my research section, but I include a few links here to interesting articles.

Previous Teaching Commitments

Note: links to specific teaching pages have been removed, as I have now retired.

Social Issues
2007: CSE3323 (guest lecture on software engineering)
Project Subjects
2008: FIT3036 Computer Science Project
2006: CSE4001, Software Engineering Project (all year unit)
Previous years: 2005
2004: Patrick Frey, honours project
2004: CSE3301, Third Year Project
2003: CSE3301, Third Year Project
2001: CSE1370, Advanced Projects Level 1
2000: CSE1370, Advanced Projects Level 1
Operating Systems
2014: FIT2070 Operating Systems
2010: FIT3042 Unix Tools
2010: FIT2022 Computer Systems 2: Previous years: 2008, 2007
2001: CSE2302 Operating Systems: Previous years: 2001,2000,1999
Software Engineering
2010: FIT3013 Formal Methods in Software Engineering: Previous years: 2009,2008,2007,2006,2005,2004,2003,2002
1998: CSC441 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
1997: CSC2050, Software Engineering 1, Object-Oriented Software Engineering
1993-6: CSC3080, Software Engineering 2, OO methodology and Formal Specification
Programming Languages
1996-7: CSC431, New Programming Language Paradigms (persistent programming languages).
Computer Architecture
2010: FIT9005 Computer Systems and Networks
2008: FIT1001 Computer Systems 1
1989-92: CS1020 First year course on computer architecture
1988-9: Honours course in Computer Architecture
1981-4: CS C11 (ANU) A second course on computer architecture.
Compiler Construction
1990-6: CSC3170 Compiler construction
1981-4: CS C14 Compiler Design, using Llama (YACC derivative)
Computer Science
2017: FIT2085: I tutored in this unit, Introduction to Computer Science for Engineers.
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