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Current News

The Refinement slides from last week have been updated (thanks to Prof Ken Robinson, who took on board the feedback from our discussion). The main change has been to separate the queue token names into a different set (as we discussed). (I did say this is state-of-the-art material )
Discussion 3 is now available.
Assignment 2 and Discussion 2 are now available.
Both the first assignment and the first discussion issue are now available.


Welcome to FIT3013. This home page should be your first port of call for any information specific to this subject. If the information you seek is not here, drop me a note and I'll endeavour to fix it for you.

Unit Outline

Read this section to get an overview of the prerequisite knowledge, unit syllabus, and learning outcomes for the unit. There is also a link to the unit guide, essential reading for succesful study of the unit. Also available on this page is a discussion of improvements made to this unit, and reflections on what works, doesn't work, and might work in the future.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Read this page to see all the detail on lectures and tutorials. There are no laboratory sessions for this unit.

Unit Resources

This page links to lecture notes, Rodin reference documents, examples and their solutions, and web documents


Visit this page for all details of assessment in this unit

Assessment Policy

This is a page published by the university and faculty. You must be familiar with its contents! Note particularly the information about the cover sheets required for submitting assignments in this school.

Related Links

Links to other web pages relevant to this unit:

  1. Why Design Software?
  2. some helpful set theory pages
  3. Can Software Kill You?
  4. The Top 10 IT Disasters of all time

Useful URLs for this unit will be added here.

If you find a useful URL, please send it to John Hurst, so that others can check it out as well.

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