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If you wish to view an exam paper, you are required to complete a Request to View Examination Script Books form available from the General Office. Exam papers are requested from the lecturer and should be supplied to the general office within 48 hours. Student will be contacted and given a time and date to view the exam paper. Exam papers will be returned to lecturer after the student has viewed the paper.
All assignment 2 submissions have now been marked, and the results recorded in MUSO. All assignments should therefore be complete (apart from a couple of cases with whom I have been in contact already). If you think there is a mark missing, please contact me (John Hurst) urgently.
Please note that all Assignment 1s received through MUSO have been marked and returned, so if you are still missing a mark, you should contact John Hurst immediately. If it is a MUSO problem (and most likely it is, if you think you have submitted it), then please also contact Margot Schuhmacher, ext 58313. who is the faculty's MUSO administrator.

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Welcome to FIT2022! This home page should be your first port of call for any information specific to this subject. If the information you seek is not here, drop me a note and I'll endeavour to fix it for you.

This subject has a Handbook Entry on the web. It also has an Anonymous Feedback Page.

About FIT2022 (aka Unit Outline)

Read this section to get an overview of the prerequisite knowledge, unit syllabus, learning outcomes, and improvements made to this unit.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Read this page to see all the detail on lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions.

Unit Resources

This page links to lecture notes, Python reference documents, examples and their solutions, and web documents


The basic components of assessment are:

Marks will be accumulated in MUSO, so that students can track their progress through the semester.

Assignment Policy

This is a page published by the university and faculty. You must be familiar with its contents! Note particularly the information about the cover sheets required for submitting assignments in this school.

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