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Assignment 3 cancelled! Due to my absence for the last 5 weeks, and the difficulties in running an assignment without an expert in B available, I have decided to cancel assignment 3. The marks for the exam with be correspondingly greater, to keep the weights for assignments 1 and 2 at 20% each. The deadline for assignment 2 has been extended by two weeks.
Assignment 2 is now available.
A further addition to the SNG instructions has been made. You need to make sure that the tetex library is available on your path.
The instructions on running the B Toolkit on sng have been updated. You may need to download the file XBMotif, which is now available from the web page itself (not the sng file system!)

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See also the school information page


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Lab Classes

There are no formal lab classes in this unit: however, students are expected to spend a significant amount of time in the sng labs using the B Toolkit.


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At this stage, there is no FAQ


The course follows the text (as time permits):

Schneider, S.,
The B-Method: An Introduction,
first edition, Palgrave, 2001.
Why is this picture such an interesting pun? The name has one obvious connection. What is the other? What is so interesting about the date? And where was the picture taken?
A bonus mark for the first correct answer to each question.
Discussion on the Anonymous Feedback Page please!

There are two copies of this text in the Hargrave on overnight loan. You may also find Wordsworth's earlier book Software Development with B useful. There are 2 copies of this book in the Hargrave, one on overnight, the others on weekly loan.

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00 Home Page (this page)
01 About This Unit
02 Contact Details
03 Concise Summary of B Toolkit
04 Assessment Details
05 Assignment 1
06 Tutorial Details
07 Exercises 1
08 Lecture Details
09 Assignment 2
16 Exercises 2

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  1. some helpful set theory pages
  2. Can Software Kill You?

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If you find a useful URL, please send it to John Hurst, so that others can check it out as well.


Got any problems? You can post questions, comments, feedback to the CSE4213 Anonymous Feedback Page. You can use the page anonymously, but it is preferred (and your comments carry more weight) if you use your name or nickname on them.

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