Some comments collected by Trigwell on the Attributes of
Scholarship in Teaching

Knowing the literature on teaching by collecting and reading the literature

I think of the research projects on teaching and of journals like Teaching Sociology and also Boyer of course.

It's when you really know the literature, read and know what it says about teaching ... That is what it is to be scholarly.

Improving teaching by using the literature on teaching

Scholarship in teaching, as distinct from research and publication, is being familiar with the literature and using this to improve teaching.

Scholarship in teaching is when you introduce a new teaching idea into classes after reviewing the literature. Not introducing new ideas in teaching, or introducing new ideas without this step means scholarship is absent.

Improving student learning by investigating one's own teaching and student learning

Scholarship in teaching is about learning about your students' learning and what makes learning possible. It is an investigation of the teaching/learning dynamic and the institutional context, and reflection on this ... and then changing practice.

I see teaching as requiring an orientating philosophy about teaching and learning and informed evidence of what works and doesn't work. Informed through the literature and through practice. Scholarship in teaching involves developing and reflecting on and reviewing one's own thinking about how students learn and what helps this.

Improving student learning by attending to the literature of discipline as well as that on teaching and learning, and relating one to the other

Engaging in teaching in a reflective manner, remaining focused on student learning and desired discipline specific outcomes. Drawing on research on student learning and teaching, substantiated experiences of other teachers in the discipline and being across debates in the profession and the discipline.

No matter how good a teacher you are, you have to have knowledge of the discipline as well and be able to integrate those two things. So, there's two research fields to be across. In computer systems there's a way of thinking which can be picked up on in the teaching. I'm sure it helps students see what you are on about and almost work through things intuitively.

Improve student learning generally, by communicating the results of one's own work on teaching and learning to a larger audience

I think it resembles a regular research process. You spend some time looking at different approaches to teaching and learning within a specific field of knowledge and about learning in general in that area. You research how the knowledge is known and practised and applied within the discipline and you consider what others have done ... and then you plan your program and you monitor the results and improve it. It is also about writing about it and communicating it to others in the larger arena.

You communicate what you do locally so other students within the discipline or profession can be helped to learn and more can be known about how the learning is achieved and how thinking and knowledge is structured in the areas. It's about reflective practice and it's about active dissemination of that practice for the benefit of learning and teaching.

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