Our 2024 Trip to Europe (Andalusia and Croatia)

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Day Date Time Place Blog Track Sleep Notes To Pay Due Steps
0 26 May (Sun) 15:15(+10)-22:45(+3) MEL-DOH:QR989 Melbourne to Doha no track on flight arrive 22:45(+3), 3h05m layover
1 27 May (Mon) 01:40(+3)-07:30(+2) DOH-BCN:QR137 Doha to Barcelona no track Via Sants Hotel check number of adults E509 27 May
2 28 May (Tue) Barcelona Barcelona no track Via Sants Hotel
3 29 May (Wed) 07:00-09:30(+2) Barcelona Sants to Madrid-Puerta De Atocha
10:30-13:12(+2) Madrid-Puerta De Atocha to Málaga-María Zambrano
Malaga, start Andalucia Malaga no track Mollina Villa Train travel L2490 TBA
4 30 May (Thu) Andalucia no track Mollina Villa
5 31 May (Fri) Andalucia no track Mollina Villa
6 1 Jun (Sat) Alhabra no track Mollina Villa E36.55 Morgan
7 2 Jun (Sun) Andalucia no track Mollina Villa
8 3 Jun (Mon) Andalucia no track Mollina Villa
9 4 Jun (Tue) Caminito del Rey no track Mollina Villa E39 Morgan
10 5 Jun (Wed) 09:19-12:08(+2) Antequera-Santa Ana to Madrid-Puerta De Atocha
16:00-18:50(+2) Madrid Barajas Apt to Dubrovnik
MAD-DBV:IB3292 Malaga to Dubrovnik no track Apartment Ventula Train travel A654.03, E279.42 TBA, Morgan,Morgan
11 6 Jun (Thu) Dubrovnik no track Apartment Ventula
12 7 Jun (Fri) Dubrovnik no track Apartment Ventula
13(1) 8 Jun (Sat) Dubrovnik embark Aurora no track Aurora $1143.88 13 Apr
14(2) 9 Jun (Sun) Dubrovnik to Korcula no track Aurora
15(3) 10 Jun (Mon) Korcula-Badija-Opuzen no track Aurora
16(4) 11 Jun (Tue) Opuzen-Mostar-Opuzen-Trpanj no track Aurora
17(5) 12 Jun (Wed) Opuzen-Hvar-Jelsa-Starigrad-Hvar no track Aurora
18(6) 13 Jun (Thu) Hvar-Split no track Aurora
19(7) 14 Jun (Fri) Split-Krka National Park no track Aurora
20(8) 15 Jun (Sat) SPU-FCO 12:05-13:15(+2) Split disembark Aurora (after breakfast) no track Gallery Suite (free cancel until 7 Jun) book train Fiumicino-Civitavecchia, Omio
21(0) 16 Jun (Sun) 07:00-17:00(+2) Civitavecchia embark Oosterdam no track Oosterdam
22(1) 17 Jun (Mon) 13:00-19:00(+2) Messina, Italy no track Oosterdam
23(2) 18 Jun (Tue) 08:00- Valleta, Malta (overnight) no track Oosterdam
24(3) 19 Jun (Wed) -16:00 Valleta, Malta (overnight) no track Oosterdam
25(4) 20 Jun (Thu) 07:00-16:00 La Goulette (Tunis), Tunisia no track Oosterdam
26(5) 21 Jun (Fri) at sea no track Oosterdam
27(6) 22 Jun (Sat) 13:00-20:00 Napflion, Greece no track Oosterdam
28(7) 23 Jun (Sun) 07:00-16:00 (+2) Piraeus (Athens), Greece disembark/embark Oosterdam no track Oosterdam fully paid
29(8) 24 Jun (Mon) 10:00-18:00 (+2) Rhodes, Greece no track Oosterdam fully paid
30(9) 25 Jun (Tue) 07:00-19:00 (+3) Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey no track Oosterdam fully paid
31(10) 26 Jun (Wed) (all day) Cruising The Dardanelles no track Oosterdam fully paid
32(11) 27 Jun (Thu) 07:00 arrive (+3) Istanbul, Turkey no track Oosterdam fully paid
33(12) 28 Jun (Fri) 14:00 depart (+3) Istanbul, Turkey no track Oosterdam fully paid
34(13) 29 Jun (Sat) 11:00-22:00 (+2) Mykonos, Greece no track Oosterdam Tender required fully paid
35(14) 30 Jun (Sun) 08:00-17:00 (+2) Souda (Chania), Greece no track Oosterdam fully paid
36 1 Jul (Mon) 10:00-18:00 (+2) Katakolon (Olympia), Greece no track Oosterdam fully paid
37 02 Jul (Tue) 08:00-15:00 Sarande, Albania no track Oosterdam Tender required fully paid
38 03 Jul (Wed) 08:00-17:00 Dubrovnik, Croatia no track Oosterdam fully paid
39 4 Jul (Thu) 08:00-15:00 Hvar, Croatia no track Oosterdam Tender required fully paid
40 05 Jul (Fri) 06:00-16:00 Trieste (Venice), Italy no track Oosterdam fully paid
41 06 Jul (Sat) 08:00-17:00 Zadar, Croatia no track Oosterdam fully paid
42 07 Jul (Sun) 08:00-17:00 Trogir (Split), Croatia no track Oosterdam Tender required fully paid
43 08 Jul (Mon) 08:00-17:00 Kotor, Montenegro no track Oosterdam fully paid
44 09 Jul (Tue) 08:00-23:00 Kerkira, Nisos Kerkira (Corfu), Greece no track Oosterdam fully paid
45 10 Jul (Wed) all day At Sea At Sea no track Oosterdam fully paid
46 11 Jul (Thu) 07:00-16:00 Taormina, Italy cruising Stromboli Volcano no track Osterdam fully paid
47 12 Jul (Fri) 07:00-17:00 (+1) Naples (Pompeii/Amalfi), Italy no track Oosterdam fully paid
48 13 Jul (Sat) 08:00-17:00 (+1) Olbia, Sardinia, Italy no track Oosterdam fully paid
49 14 Jul (Sun) 07:00 (+1) Civitavecchia disembark Oosterdam no track Les Diamants train to Rome E960, E20 12 Jul
50 15 Jul (Mon) Rome no track Les Diamants
51 16 Jul (Tue) Rome no track Les Diamants
52 17 Jul (Wed) 16:15(+2)-22:40(+3) FCO-DOH:QR132 Rome to Doha no track in flight arrive 22:40(+3), 4h25m layover
53 18 Jul (Thu) 03:05(+3)-23:30(+10) DOH-MEL:QR988 Doha to Melbourne no track 5 Fran Ct arrive 23:30

Maps taken from

  1. Intrepid Croatian Coastal Cruising, relates to diary days 14-19,
  2. Holland America page, relates to diary days 21-28. Note that this map has been modified to more accurately reflect the actual itinerary of this cruise!
  3. Holland America page, relates to diary days 28-49.

Trip Blog

26 May 2024, Sunday (Day 0), Melbourne to Barcelona

27 May 2024, Monday (Day 1), Barcelona

28 May 2024, Tuesday (Day 2),

29 May 2024, Wednesday (Day 3),

30 May 2024, Thursday (Day 4),

31 May 2024, Friday (Day 5),

01 Jun 2024, Saturday (Day 6),

02 Jun 2024, Sunday (Day 7),

03 Jun 2024, Monday (Day 8),

04 Jun 2024, Tuesday (Day 9),

05 Jun 2024, Wednesday (Day 10),

06 Jun 2024, Thursday (Day 11),

07 Jun 2024, Friday (Day 12),

08 Jun 2024, Saturday (Day 13),

What they said

Zdravo and welcome to Croatia. Lovely Dubrovnik features the terracotta rooves, ancient cliff-forged walls and crystal coasts that many people associate with Dalmatia. Your adventure begins this evening at 5 pm, when you will be welcomed aboard the Aurora and introduced to your crew and fellow travellers. Enjoy a drink and get to know each other before your first dinner on the ship this evening. Later, perhaps relax with a glass of wine on the deck and take in the incredible sight of waves lapping at rugged cliffs.

09 Jun 2024, Sunday (Day 14),

What they said

After breakfast set sail for Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, with lunch on board and if time permits, a quick swim stop en route. In the afternoon, embark on an orientation walk before enjoying an evening to explore at your own pace. If you're hungry, your leader can assist with dinner recommendations.

10 Jun 2024, Monday (Day 15),

What they said

Depart for Opuzen, enjoying breakfast on board and a mid-morning swim stop in beautiful clear turquoise waters near the small island of Badija, then continue to Opuzen. Enjoy lunch onboard and then in the afternoon jump into small wooden boats for a leisurely cruise through the surrounding wetlands (with local snacks and music on board). Arrive at a beautiful local restaurant overlooking the river for Peka veal and other local dishes. Board the boats to return to Opuzen. You may want to venture out to one of the friendly bars around the town square to meet the locals over a beer or two.

11 Jun 2024, Tuesday (Day 16),

What they said

An early start this morning to make our way to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina by minibus. Take a guided walk through the town, visiting a local coffee shop where you will see how the Bosnian coffee is made and have a taste of it, afterwards enjoy some free time to explore the town and have lunch at your leisure. Return to Opuzen in the early afternoon and sail to Trpanj. Upon arrival transfer to Matusko winery for a tasting and enjoy the beautiful grounds of the vineyard, before returning to the ship. Tonight, enjoy dinner onboard the Aurora.

12 Jun 2024, Wednesday (Day 17),

What they said

Sail into Jelsa on the island of Hvar and take a private transfer to a local farm for some local produce tasting, then drive to Hvar town. Explore on a walk with your leader before continuing on to Starigrad in the evening.

13 Jun 2024, Thursday (Day 18),

What they said

Spend the morning sailing, arriving in Split in the early afternoon. You will meet a local guide who will take you on a walk around Split, then the afternoon is yours to enjoy some free time to explore the beautiful lane ways and squares of the old city.

14 Jun 2024, Friday (Day 19),

What they said

Sailing times between Hvar and Split are approximately 5.5hrs, depending on the conditions.

15 Jun 2024, Saturday (Day 20),

What they said

After a leisurely breakfast on board, head out with some more time to explore the Split’s old city. After lunch, return to the boat ready to take your private bus transfer to Krka National Park. Here you will board a smaller boat for some cruising and exploring within the park. The park spans two thirds of the Krka River, and some 142 square kilometres. You visit some of the gorgeous waterfalls for which this park is renowned. Afterwards, return by bus to Split, in time for a captain's dinner for your evening repast.

16 Jun 2024, Sunday (Day 21),

What they said

Your small ship adventure cruise along the Dalmatian coast ends after breakfast this morning. Should you require a transfer to Split international airport, please enquire with your Travel Consultant prior to travel or your Tour Leader during your trip.

17 Jun 2024, Monday (Day 22),

18 Jun 2024, Tuesday (Day 23),

19 Jun 2024, Wednesday (Day 24),

20 Jun 2024, Thursday (Day 25),

21 Jun 2024, Friday (Day 26),

22 Jun 2024, Saturday (Day 27),

23 Jun 2024, Sunday (Day 28), Piraeus

24 Jun 2024, Monday (Day 29),

25 Jun 2024, Tuesday (Day 30),

26 Jun 2024, Wednesday (Day 31),

27 Jun 2024, Thursday (Day 32),

28 Jun 2024, Friday (Day 33),

29 Jun 2024, Saturday (Day 34),

30 Jun 2024, Sunday (Day 35),

01 Jul 2024, Monday (Day 36),

02 Jul 2024, Tuesday (Day 37),

03 Jul 2024, Wednesday (Day 38),

04 Jul 2024, Thursday (Day 39),

05 Jul 2024, Friday (Day 40),

06 Jul 2024, Saturday (Day 41),

07 Jul 2024, Sunday (Day 42),

08 Jul 2024, Monday (Day 43),

09 Jul 2024, Tuesday (Day 44),

10 Jul 2024, Wednesday (Day 45),

11 Jul 2024, Thursday (Day 46),

12 Jul 2024, Friday (Day 47),

13 Jul 2024, Saturday (Day 48),

14 Jul 2024, Sunday (Day 49),

15 Jul 2024, Monday (Day 50),

16 Jul 2024, Tuesday (Day 51),

17 Jul 2024, Wednesday (Day 52),

18 Jul 2024, Thursday (Day 53),

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