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We are planning two overseas trips in 2020:

  1. In March we travel to Morocco to join with our friends the Morgans and Robinsons to celebrate the women's joint 70th birthdays. We are booked on The Highlights of Morocco , starting Sat 14 Mar 2020. My blog is also online
  2. In September we travel firstly to France for a river cruise on the Rhone River, and then to Seattle, to see our son's new renovated house, uplifted by two storeys!


We are booked on a cruise from Rome to Dover. There will be other activities at one or both ends of the cruise, as yet to be determined.


We enjoyed a Holland America relocation cruise across The Pacific. This was made all the more enjoyable by travelling with our friends the MacMillans and the Porters. We (all) spent several days in Vancouver, and then we went our separate ways to visit our various children and spouses. We kicked on to Seattle, and enjoyed a road trip south to Oregon.


Jun 2017 sees us staying in Australia, and travelling to the Kimberleys. We are travelling on an APT package tour (in spite of their past history!), and along with the South American trip, represents one of our more adventurous travels.

But we are travelling OS as well: to Greece and Crete


In Jul-Aug 2016 we are doing another Holland-America cruise Voyage of the Vikings, this time a round trip from Boston across the Atlantic to Rotterdam and back, coincidentally on the MV Rotterdam (in which we have not sailed before).


Jan-Mar in 2015 we are circumnavigating South America in the MV Prinsendam. This is a 10-week cruise, the longest we have undertaken, and hits several of the items on our bucket list:

  1. Traversing the Panama Canal
  2. Visiting Antarctica (we visited the Arctic in 2011 and travelled as far north as 81 degrees North).
  3. Travelling up the Amazon - we travel all the way to Manaus to visit the Opera House there.

There are a number of lessons learnt on this cruise that need to be carried forward to the next. These are:

  1. The internet is slow.
  2. Reduce all non-essential email traffic by clearing the decks before you leave, and ensuring that as little spam as possible makes its way to the inbox.
  3. Items for uploading to home servers should be short and few. Investigate ways of trimming photographs down to sending as few as possible.


In 2014 we did the popular European River Cruise, from Amsterdam to Prague. Check out the itinerary and blog at my 2014 River Cruise page.

Some of our friends, like us, are in the "grey nomad" set, and also like us, maintain various blogs. Here's a selection:


In late 2013 we went round-the worlding again, focussing upon the Cinque Terre and Amalfi coasts in Italy, then Jersey, then Seattle, before returning to Australia to undertake the circumnavigation cruise around Australia. Again, the web page where you can read all about it is at my 2013 Round-World and Round-Australia voyage .


In 2012 we did another round-the-world trip, but less hectic than in 2006. Only three major stops: (2 days in Singapore), 2 weeks in France-Alsace, 2 weeks in Seattle, 2 and a bit weeks in Tahiti. Read all about it on my 2012 Round-the-World Page


From 8 Jul 2011 to 2 Sep 2011 my wife and I travelled to Hervey Bay, Dubai, Bordeaux, Saint Pee sur Nivelle, Gravesend, then on MV Prinsendam to Scrabster, Lerwick, Torshavn, Djupivogur, Reykjavik, Ny Alesund, Longyearbyen, Alesund, Bergen, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiel Canal, Tallin, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Visby, Copenhagen, Oslo, then Tilbury where we disembarked, transferred to Heathrow and flew home via Dubai again. Read all about it on my 2011 Cruise Page

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