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House Renovation

We have completed rebuilding our house. The plan involved creating spaces in which 3 generations of Hursts may live, giving both "seniors" and "juniors" separate living areas, with shared family space. When people ask me "How does that work?", I smile and say: "the same way it works for millions of people around the world".

SVG (showing furniture) level 0 level 1 level 2
PDF (showing services) level 0 level 1 level 2

Or, if you have Sweet Home 3D, here is a source file you can explore under that software: RebuildPlans There is also a Google Docs spreadsheet defining the logistics surrounding the rebuild plans. We also have to worry about flooring on concrete floors, see this article.

General Stuff

Adoring Family

Railway Stuff

A photo of R707 at speed

Meccano Stuff


Other Pastimes

Choral Singing

I have been a member of the following groups And I like to sing:


The Dropbox files in what follows are uploaded by the Track Sharing via Dropbox mechanism on MyGPSFiles


Church Stuff

Environmental Stuff

This has now been moved to a separate environment page.

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