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About Me

As of Mar 2024, I'm a retired computer scientist/software engineer, and enjoying the opportunities to indulge my passions. They are:

General Stuff

Adoring Family

Railway Stuff

A photo of R707 at speed

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Other Pastimes


Choral Singing

I have been a member of the following groups And I like to sing:


The following tracks have been replotted using The GPS Visualizer.

The Dropbox files in what follows are no longer supported. They were uploaded by the Track Sharing via Dropbox mechanism on MyGPSFiles

House Renovation

We have completed rebuilding our house. The plan involved creating spaces in which 3 generations of Hursts may live, giving both "seniors" and "juniors" separate living areas, with shared family space. When people ask me "How does that work?", I smile and say: "the same way it works for millions of people around the world".

SVG (showing furniture) level 0 level 1 level 2
PDF (showing services) level 0 level 1 level 2

Or, if you have Sweet Home 3D, here is a source file you can explore under that software: RebuildPlans There is also a Google Docs spreadsheet defining the logistics surrounding the rebuild plans. We also have to worry about flooring on concrete floors, see this article.

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