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House Renovation

We are rebuilding our house. The plan is to create spaces in which 3 generations of Hursts may live, giving both "seniors" and "juniors" separate living areas, with shared family space.

SVG (showing furniture) level 0 level 1 level 2
PDF (showing services) level 0 level 1 level 2

Or, if you have Sweet Home 3D, here is a source file you can explore under that software: RebuildPlans There is also a Google Docs spreadsheet defining the logistics surrounding the rebuild plans.

General Stuff

Adoring Family

Travel Stuff

When travelling, I try to keep track (literally!) of where I have been, using the MotionX-GPS application running on my iPhone. Check the MotionX-GPS FAQ here, and the reference manual here.

Nov: New Zealand Our Third Saturday Walking Group went abroad again this year, this time to the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand for a week of day trips around the peninsula. The Hursts and Morgans kicked on for an additional week in the Bay of Islands.
Jul: Voyage of the Vikings: The Atlantic both ways: after a stint in Seattle and a visit to Glacier National Park, we had a few days in Boston, then cruised from Boston to Rotterdam (on board the MV Rotterdam!), and back again, spending a week in Vancouver as a stopover on the return flight.
Nov: Norfolk Island: This month saw us travel to Norfolk Island, where we enjoyed the Norfolk Island Food Festival, and explored the idyllic South Pacific island life.
Jan-Mar: South America: We circumnavigated South America in the MV Prinsendam. This was a 10-week cruise, the longest we have undertaken, and it hit several of the items on our bucket list: Traversing the Panama Canal; Visiting Macchu Pichu; Experiencing Antarctica (65 degrees south); Travelling up the Amazon, all the way to Manaus to visit the Opera House there.
European River Cruise: We travelled from Amsterdam to Prague, on the MV Amadante, followed up by stays in Vienna, Salzburg, Lucerne and Paris.
Round-World and Round-Australia In late 2013 we went round-the worlding again, focussing upon the Cinque Terre and Amalfi coasts in Italy, then Jersey, then Seattle, before returning to Australia to undertake the circumnavigation cruise around Australia on board the MV Volendam.
Round-the-World: In 2012 we did another round-the-world trip, but less hectic than in 2006. Only three major stops: (2 days in Singapore), 2 weeks in France-Alsace, 2 weeks in Seattle, 2 and a bit weeks in Tahiti, cruising on the MV Aranui.
Artic and Baltic Seas: In 2011 we took a cruise on the MV Prinsendam around the North, Arctic and Baltic Seas. We got as far north as 81 degrees (latitude, not temperature!)

Some of our friends, like us, are in the "grey nomad" set, and also like us, maintain various blogs. Here's a selection:

Railway Stuff

A photo of R707 at speed

Meccano Stuff


Other Pastimes

Choral Singing

I have been a member of the following groups And I like to sing:


The Dropbox files in what follows are uploaded by the Track Sharing via Dropbox mechanism on MyGPSFiles


Church Stuff

Environmental Stuff

This has now been moved to a separate environment page.

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