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NOT COMPLETE: Ongoing project (164761 images)

Sub-Albums (27698 missing descriptions, max=8102 in directory 2016, min=2138 in directory 2018)

2019 Digital Photographs 143 photos, 7 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Warrnambool
2018 Digital Photographs (2138 missing descriptions) 6133 photos, 174 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Uniting Voices; Puffing Billy; House Renovations and Moving In; Fiji; Castlemaine; Noordam cruise; Vancouver; Seattle; Oregon; Hawaii; Maldon Steam; Tahbilk; Macquarie University; Healesville; Mini Maestros; Christmas
2017 Digital Photographs (7345 missing descriptions) 11710 photos, 217 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Renovations; Kimberley; UNE Accreditation; Flinders Ranges; Greece; Christmas
2016 Digital Photographs (8102 missing descriptions) 12360 photos, 191 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Mildura; Mornington; Moving House; Seattle; Boston; Rotterdam; Vancouver; Adelaide; New Zealand; 5 Fran Ct demolitions; Tabitha
2015 Digital Photographs (2413 missing descriptions) 14445 photos, 214 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Seattle; South America; Waterloo; Dunkeld; Flinders University; Chooks; Sylvester; University of Sunshine Coast; Valwyn's Funeral; Grampians; Daylesford; Norfolk Island; ANU
2014 Digital Photographs (7700 missing descriptions) 15845 photos, 203 sub-albums
NOT COMPLETE: Walk to Doongalla; Tasmania; Sri Lanka; Amsterdam; Rhine; Main; Danube; Prague; Paris
2013 Digital Photographs 14313 photos, 191 sub-albums
Docklands; Gigneys; Dandenong Walk; Serenade at Sunset; Port Elliot; Mum's Funeral; XR class; Warburton Walk: Korrumburra; Ashburton and Mothers's Day walks; Monet Exhibition; Beth's Birthday; Sylvester; Barb's Adelaide visit; Chadstone Walk; Hervey Bay; Cranbourne Botanic Gardens; Newcastle; Italy; Jersey; Seattle; Volendam; Adelaide
2012 Digital Photographs 11345 photos, 181 sub-albums
Adelaide, Red Arrows, Dad's Memorial, Fed Square, Grain Train, Adelaide, David/Beth Wedding, Thredbo, Ryan/Kandace wedding, new camera, K class, Singapore, France, Cite du Train, Seattle, Aranui, MIL's birthday, FISH, Chatai graduation, Grantville, Olinda, Photina, Christmas
2011 Digital Photographs 12885 photos, 158 sub-albums
40th Wedding Anniversary, Ineke's farewell, ALTC Adelaide, Chris and Sarah's wedding, Moving Day at 52A, Birthday 3801 cake, Wonthaggi FISH, Lunar Eclipse, France, Prinsendam, Dubai, Dad's Funeral, GWUC 20th Anniversary, Sydney with Nathan and Lynne, Xmas and Lawn Rd.
2010 Digital Photographs 2599 photos, 95 sub-albums
David and Beth Engagement; Canberra; Heronswood; Birthday Turds; 70s Party; Cape Patterson; Heathcore; K class; Hervey Bay; Brisbane; Cranbourne Bot Gdns; Ferns; Social Inclusion; Stuart; Telecomms Museum; Christmas and New Year
2009 Digital Photographs 11313 photos, 158 sub-albums
New Zealand; Hobart; Brisbane; Hervey Bay; Model Railways; Darwin; Sydney; Phillip Island; Nathan Graduation; MIL's 90th; the Overland; Brisbane (again); Sydney (again); Puffing Billy Dinner Train
2008 Digital Photographs 7999 photos, 145 sub-albums
Canada; Stations of the Cross; Cape Patterson; Darwin; California; FISH; Tasmania; Computing History; Sydney
2007 Digital Photographs 8093 photos, 162 sub-albums
Guthega, Senior Management Summit, Balcony Construction, Kuching, Hong Kong, Nathan and Lynne leave for USA, K Class at Glen Waverley, Car Bingle, Warnambool, South Africa and Malaysia, Angela's Graduation, Kuranga, Canberra, Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, Canada
2006 Digital Photographs 14249 photos, 175 sub-albums
Adelaide; Werribee; Charlotte's Birthday; John Hughes Funeral; James' Birthday; Long Service Leave: Hawaii, Canada, Germany, Norway, Italy, Singapore; Daylesford; Trawool; Judy's Graduation; Lynne's Birthday; Thanksgiving; Farewells; Adelaide
2005 Digital Photographs 2391 photos, 84 sub-albums
Friends and Family; Wineries; (new) Cars; Trams; Trains; Churchill Park; Funerals; end of the Astra; Engineers Australia ANU; Zoe's Birthday at Healesville; K class at Glen Waverley; Sylvester; Phillip Island;
2004 Digital Photographs 7968 photos, 140 sub-albums
Digital Photographs taken in 2004
2003 Digital Photographs 5527 photos, 132 sub-albums
Digital Photographs taken in 2003
2002 Digital Photographs 5443 photos, 114 sub-albums
Digital Photographs taken in 2002

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