1. Installation

2. WebAdmin

3. Dashboard

4. Management

4.1 System Settings


4.2 WebAdmin Settings

4.2.1 General

WebAdmin Language
Leave this as English
WebAdmin Access Control
Currently set superadmins to admin, dnh, ajh. I have changed the Allowed Networks to Internal (Network) for added security.

4.2.2 Access Control

No changes to these settings (AUDITOR and READONLY)

4.2.3 HTTPS Certificate

No changes to these settings

4.2.4 RESTful API

No changes to these settings

4.2.5 User Preferences

Increased the table pager items to 25

4.2.6 Advanced

No changes

4.3 Licensing

No changes

4.4 Up2Date

No changes

4.5 Backup/Restore

More reading on this section required

4.6 User Portal

5. Definitions and Users

5.1 Network Definitions

5.1.1 Network Definitions

Click through "Definitions and Users -> Network Definitions -> Network Definitions". Then:

To create a static address for a host on the network, first select the pulldown "DHCP->show hosts with static mapping" to restrict the view to the static mappings. Then click New Network Definition, and enter the following.

a descriptive name for the definition
set as Host for single machine entries
IPv4 address
the static address you wish to assign to the machine
DHCP Settings
set the DHCP server to Internal and the appropriate MAC address for the desired machine.
DNS Settings
enter the desired hostname for the machine

Click save, and check the new entry in the table.

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